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Pregnant woman in need of massage

Supporting you through the most important moments in your life

As many of my female sports clients have asked me to continue working with them when they have become pregnant, I have become a skilled practitioner of pregnancy massage. Gentle and soothing, a massage can help to relax and energise your body, leaving you better able to cope with the stresses brought on by pregnancy.

My experience helping women at different stages of their pregnancies ensures your massage will be exactly what you need. And it can be given in the comfort of your own home!

Helping pregnant women throughout London, Bristol and Bath. Call to book on 

07971 911 120

Massages can help pregnant women who are struggling with the changes to their body during pregnancy. My massages help to:

How does massage help during pregnancy?

• Relieve extra stress on tendons

• Minimise or remove back ache

• Guard against aches and pains

• Reduce fluid retention

• Cope with the emotional impact of pregnancy