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At Bentley Bodyworks, I provide professional massage therapies and specialise in remedial/sports therapy, helping people to maintain optimum fitness in whatever endeavour they choose. Anyone can benefit from a remedial or sports massage as it helps recovery, soothes muscles and leaves you rejuvenated.

With many years of experience providing massage therapy in London, I have worked with a diverse array of clients, including: actors, musicians, dancers, athletes, surgeons, teachers, hairdressers and garden landscapers!  Whatever your physical condition, I can give you the right massage to help you recover, relax and get on with your day. Be it a stress-relieving holistic massage, acupressure or pregnancy massage, my clients come away rejuvenated and ready to go.

Helping your body to run the way you've always wanted

Fully mobile massage service

Having worked in London for many years, I recently moved home and am now also able to offer massage therapies to the people of Radstock, Bath and the surrounding areas. If you think you would benefit from a massage at the end of a busy day, or as part of your training, then give me a call now.

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Exciting news!

Emilia, owner of Mowhay Spa, has invited me to bring sports massage to the beautiful space at Manor Farm in the village of Chilcompton. I will be in residence on a weekly basis throughout December and into 2020.


For those of you unfamiliar with sports massage and the many benefits it can bring (for example: aiding rehabilitation after injury/surgery, maintaining the body during intense training periods, assisting in the prevention of injury) I will be holding a clinic at Mowhay this Thursday, December 12th, offering FREE taster sessions!


Please come along; it will be great to meet you and, I’ll be happy to take a look at your Runner’s Knee, Tennis Elbow, aggravated rotator cuff, or whatever else it might be that is interfering with your daily activities, or preventing you from performing at your peak!


I’ve been looking after the players at Bath Rugby for the past five seasons, so if I can keep them fine tuned, I’m certain I’ll be able to get you back to your best!


Treatments will be offered on a first come, first served basis (or reserve a slot via the Mowhay booking system).


I look forward to seeing you there!